Heather's Tummy Fiber

Product Description
Important Ingredient in CAN'T BELIEVE IT'S NOT BREAD secret recipe - find the recipe ebook here.
Toast pictured below made with Heather's Fiber from CAN'T BELIEVE IT'S NOT BREAD secret recipe.

Heather's Tummy Fiber™ Supplement Organic Acacia Senegal is a natural, pure, certified organic, soluble dietary fiber powder produced from the gum of the Acacia tree (also known as gum arabic).  Tummy Fiber is 100% acacia senegal, the highest quality of acacia available. It contains no acacia seyal, a much lower grade.

Acacia is a natural plant fiber that has been harvested for millennia in Africa; its
recorded dietary use dates back to the Egyptian pharaohs. 

Heather's Tummy Fiber™ Acacia Senegal:
* Increases good gut flora - it's a prebiotic, and significantly bifidogenic
* Has excellent gastrointestinal tolerance, will not cause bloating and gas
* Slows down colonic fermentation (actively decreasing gas and bloating)
* Is completely safe and healthy for daily, lifelong use
* Is a traditional remedy for pregnancy/post-partum nausea & bowel dysfunction
* Is safe for use in children
* No FODMAPS- No fructans, galactans, polyols, fructose, lactose
* NO gluten, sugar, salt, artificial sweeteners, citric acid, oxalates, or yeast
source: helpforibs.com